Grant Cardone Sales Training University


The Cardone Sales Training University is Cardone’s premiere sales training program – the one that started it all.  The material contains over a thousand interactive video segments, teaching you the steps on how to become a great sales person.  Grant takes you step by step, on how to sell, and how to close.  Cardone University is the one thing you cannot afford NOT to have.

The Grant Cardone Sales Training University Includes:
• Twelve months access to the University program
• Access to all the interactive video segments in the program
• Training on how to sell
• How to understand the buyer
• The sales process
• Closing basics and theory
• Closing strategies
• How to handle incoming calls
• Prospecting
• Followup with your potential customers
• 100 ways to stay motivated
• The top traits successful people have
• And much more!

Grant Cardone University is the premiere sales training program to learn how to sell and close.  And these skills do not only apply to people related to sales industries, but apply to all walks and aspects of life.  From business to life in general.  Everyone needs to know how to sell.  And everyone needs to know how to close.



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