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10X Package

August 16, 2016

  The 10X Package This package consists of a different set of tools to take your life to a 10X level.  Grant Cardone has put together these tools to do just that, consisting of his best seller ‘The 10X Rule’, a 10X Quotes book, audio .MP3, and the 10X Planner.


The Millionaire Booklet

August 12, 2016

The Millionaire Booklet – How to Get Super Rich by Grant Cardone is a simple 8 step trategy to guarantee you become a millionaire. Grant Cardone started with nothing, and made it to the top.  He has helped others become millionaires as well. Now he wants to show you how to become a millionaire and … Continue reading “The Millionaire Booklet”


Ultimate Hustler University

July 31, 2016

The Ultimate Hustler University is part of Grant Cordone’s University Program, and it has been packaged in such a way to include the key essential courses in order to make you The Ultimate Hustler.  The program contains over 250 video courses, broken down into six programs, with certifications for each program after you have completed … Continue reading “Ultimate Hustler University”


10X Planner

July 24, 2016

Whether you need organization, or have all the organization skills in the world.  Nothing beats the 10X Planner by Grant Cardone. It is a daily planner, with up to 60 days of sheets, neatly organized into 3 hour time slot schedule on the left hand side, and goals, targets and successes journal on the right … Continue reading “10X Planner”