10X Planner


Whether you need organization, or have all the organization skills in the world.  Nothing beats the 10X Planner by Grant Cardone. It is a daily planner, with up to 60 days of sheets, neatly organized into 3 hour time slot schedule on the left hand side, and goals, targets and successes journal on the right hand side of every day. This allows you to organize yourself, set your daily schedule on the things you need to accomplish for the day, as well as keep track of a daily journal of not only the tasks and goals at hand for the day, but also your overall goals so you don’t lose sight on what direction you are heading and what you want to accomplish to keep perspective on things.


  • Schedule

The 10X schedule on the left hand side of the planner, contains 3 hour time slots from 6am until midnight, where you can fill out appointments and tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day.  This keeps your tasks list at hand, and things you need to get done as you go through your day.


  • Journal

The 10X journal on the right hand side of the planner contains categories such as: Goals, Quote of the day, Targets, Successes and Goals again.  The idea here is to keep a journal of:

What are your goals?  – You write your goals down every morning when you wake up, and at night before you go to sleep.  Every single day.  It’s that simple.  This allows you to keep yourself aligned and in tune with what you want to accomplish, both short and long term.  Your goals may change over time.  But this allows you to run through the exercise of making sure what you’re doing, and where you want to go.  Which is a key element of success.

Targets for the day – You set your targets for the day.  Kind of like what you want to accomplish for the day.  These may be aligned with your goals, or a subset of your goals.  You set your targets, so you can aim them and take them down as you progress throughout the day.  Your schedule on the left side should include tasks to accomplish your targets for the day.

Successes – This you fill out as you go through your day.  You set your targets, now are you hitting your targets?  If so, you have successes that you can note down.  This keeps track of what you succeeded, and you can also look back on these and learn what you need to work on to set better targets, more realistic targets, and how to better succeed in hitting your targets.

Finally repeat step 1 – Write your goals down again.  By doing this repetitively, you engrain the goals in your consciousness, and they become almost like an obsession.  You orient yourself toward these goals, and automatically set your targets and hopefully successes to hit these goals…the key is one step at a time.  Day by day…that’s the purpose of this planner.


The 10X Planner is a great tool and asset for the successful business man.  Organize yourself, and get this planner to help achieve your goals and dreams in life.  And the fun part, is you will have a journal of every step you took to get there.  And as you are on your way, you can tweet Grant Cardone and let him know how you are doing at his personal Twitter account (information on what hashtag to use and Twitter handle are in the planner).



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