10X Package



The 10X Package

This package consists of a different set of tools to take your life to a 10X level.  Grant Cardone has put together these tools to do just that, consisting of his best seller ‘The 10X Rule’, a 10X Quotes book, audio .MP3, and the 10X Planner.

‘The 10X Rule’ Book
From his acclaimed Best Seller, ‘The 10X Rule’, Grant includes this book in his package to 10X your success in life.  With the 3 common degrees of action that most people operate by, he unveils a 4th degree of action, named 10X.  It’s a lifestyle of living, that one makes the choice to live upon, which results in amassing great success in life, and realizing your goals and dreams.  Reading this book has changed many people’s lives, and is just one of the tools that are included in this package.

The 10X Quote’s Book
This quotes in this book are from Grant’s favorite quotes, which he uses on his images and in his seminars.  Each page is filled with thought provoking quotes, that get you amped up and motivated to tack on the day and any situation that may arise.  Simply flip to any page, and read some of the quotes to get the boost you need to take on any situation that may arise.  The perfect accompanying tool for the 10X Rule book!

‘The 10X Rule’ MP3
The MP3 delivers over 7 hours of material from Grant Cardone, taken from the Best Seller book as well as his live seminars.  By taking the necessary steps to go from ordinary to 10X, he guides you step by step on what you should do to understand, equip yourself, and learn to live the coveted 10X life.  You have to work hard to enjoy the things that you truly deserve.  And this is achieved by living your life by the 4th degree of action.

The 10X Daily Planner
Another great tool in this package, is the 10X Planner.  This planner is designed to assist you on your journey to taking it to the 10X level.  The planner is a journal, as well as daily planner to organize your schedule, and keep you locked in with your goals, targets and successes you achieve every day.

This package is a great asset to have and contains all the necessary tools to take your life to the 10X level.  Achieving the coveted 10X level requires a lot of work and learning of the guiding principles necessary to achieve such a level.  But the good thing is that, Grant Cardone has put together all the key elements in this package to take your on this journey to 10X, and achieving your biggest goals and dreams in life – the 10X way!



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