Grant Cardone Sales Training University

August 25, 2016

The Cardone Sales Training University is Cardone’s premiere sales training program – the one that started it all.  The material contains over a thousand interactive video segments, teaching you the steps on how to become a great sales person.  Grant takes you step by step, on how to sell, and how to close.  Cardone University … Continue reading “Grant Cardone Sales Training University”

closers survival guide

The Closer’s Survival Guide

August 24, 2016

Learn to close and you will never be without work or without money! This book contains the most powerful arsenal of closes ever – over 120 Closes including: 31 Money Closes, 17 Time Related Closes, 3 Pressure Closes, 3 Agreement Closes, 8 Decision Closes, and another 64 of the most creative closes you will ever … Continue reading “The Closer’s Survival Guide”

the 10x rule - grant cardone

The 10X Rule

August 21, 2016

While most people operate with only three degrees of action: no action, retreat, or normal action – If you’re after big goals, you don’t want to settle for the ordinary.  To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action.  This 4th degree, also know as the 10 X Rule, is … Continue reading “The 10X Rule”


Sell or Be Sold

August 18, 2016

Whether it’s selling your company’s product in the boardroom, or selling yourself on eating healthy, everything in life can and should be treated as a sale.  And as sales expert, Grant Cardone explains, knowing the principles of selling is a prerequisite for success of any kind.

cardone's playbook

Playbook to Millions

August 17, 2016

Grant Cardone’s Playbook to Millions was created to change the way you approach success and business. In this Playbook, strategies are laid out to get you from just getting by, to prosperity—and even wealth if you so choose. In this Playbook, the skills you will learn include: • How to create a financial plan – not a budget … Continue reading “Playbook to Millions”